Starborough x Whalebone

Starborough partners with multi-faceted media platform, Whalebone Magazine, to increase awareness of the brand and its ocean conservation message.

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The Challenge

Identify a partner that can amplify Starborough’s overall brand equity to increase awareness and reach an audience that aligns with the ocean conservation messaging.

What We Did

In order to connect with an audience that takes pride in the outdoors, seeks to conserve our oceans, and enjoys the refreshing taste and qualities of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, FlyteVu identified and partnered with the multi-faceted media magazine, Whalebone. With Whalebone’s unique following and platform, FlyteVu was able to secure both a physical and digital presence with the outlet to highlight Starborough’s unique selling point — ocean conservation. The brand sponsorship integrated happy hours into in-person events, such as beach clean-ups and product launches. Starborough showed up in authentic spaces with an audience closely aligned with their brand equity. For online presence and brand awareness, FlyteVu secured two digital features on Whalebone’s site, reinforcing the relationship between Starborough and ocean conservation and highlighting the brand’s charitable relationship with Oceana. The digital features and physical events were supported on Whalebone’s social channels and newsletter to further reach their highly engaged audience. The partnership resulted in over 10,000 clicks to the digital features, over 100 product trials, and increased brand awareness among a highly targeted audience.

The Results

10,000+ Clicks to Digital Features

Whalebone Record-Breaking Website Time of 3:00 Minutes on Digital Feature Page (calculated by the time difference between the point when a person lands on the page and when they move on to the next one)

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