We help brands leverage the undeniable power of music and entertainment by building partnerships and creating authentic emotional connections with their audience.

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We Equip and Educate Brands With How To Design Metaverse Narratives and Experiences That Engage and Entertain Global Audiences.

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FV Incubator.

A one-stop marketing solution for startups on the verge of scaling to provide a marketing foundation that leverages the power of pop culture to build widespread brand awareness.

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We amplify your message through earned and paid media to build awareness and drive impressions.

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FlyteVu SynchShop.

A music licensing service that assists brands and corporate clients in licensing music for digital, TV, and in all forms of media.

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FlyteVu Integreat.

A brand integration service that assists brands in integrating their product/service into entertainment properties including TV shows, movies, music videos, content series, etc.

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FlyteVu Ignyte.

An influencer marketing service that assists brands in procuring and partnering with influencers, across all social media platforms to amplify marketing campaigns or other initiatives.

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We develop comprehensive and creative marketing plans.

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Talent Procurement.

We identify, negotiate and contract deals on your behalf with artists and influencers.

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Event Activations.

We design, create and build scalable consumer-driven experiences from the ground up.

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Paid Digital Media.

We drive traffic and increase visibility through paid digital and social media.

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Branded Content.

We develop and produce digital content that tells a story and inspires your audience to engage.

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Corporate Booking.

We identify and secure the best artist, performer or speaker for your private event.

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We Connect Brands To Consumers Through the Power Of Music, Pop Culture and Entertainment.