The FlyteVu Fund

The FlyteVu Fund.

The FlyteVu Fund is a donor-advised fund, managed by global wealth manager AB Bernstein, to expand the agency’s mission of giving back to the community, serving with excellence, and creating life’s most memorable moments.

National Museum of African American Music.

We are proud to support the National Museum of African American Music in honor of the Black Musicians and Creators who have paved the way in our industry and those whom we have had the honor or working with over the years.

– FlyteVu

Music Health Alliance.

“Artists are the backbone of Music City. They are our family, neighbors and colleagues, and we are grateful for all the work Music Health Alliance does every day, but especially during this time to provide musicians with basic needs such as food, medicine, and healthcare.”

– FlyteVu

Preston Taylor Ministries.

“Luke and I were blown away the first time we visited Preston Taylor Ministries.  The hands-on work they are doing in Nashville with at-risk youth and their families is incredible. They don’t take government funding or do any advertising so they are dependent on donors and that is why Luke and I are so passionate about spreading the word to let everyone know about the amazing programs they offer and the hope they are giving to families in our community who need it most right now.”

– Beth Laird, Co-Owner and CEO of Creative Nation

Youth Villages.

“Youth Villages is an incredible charity helping youth find a stable home life to set them up for success. It has been an honor volunteering and working with them the past few years and I am so grateful for FlyteVu’s continued investment in the organization as well.”

– Natalie Logan, FlyteVu

Love One.

“I am so thankful for Love One and the mission behind it. In a time that can feel so overwhelming with the needs of the world, Love One is able to bring the need right in front of our faces. We are able to love one child at a time. And each child being loved is one more child closer to the world becoming a better place.”

– Lauren Akins, Author and Philanthropist

Monroe Harding.

“Monroe Harding’s cause is to ensure that foster care youth and other vulnerable young people build a solid foundation of strengths that position them for success in adulthood. Their mission is to change young people’s lives and I am grateful we are able to support them through the Fund.”

– Jen Amendola, FlyteVu

Marth O'Bryan Center.

“I love that Nashville has a place like Martha O’Bryan Center, which helps children, youth and adults with a mission to eliminate poverty. They touch over 12,000 people in our city each year through support & resources, and I am proud of the big initiatives they’ve launched like Envision Cayce and a remote learning lab for students, all for the communities that need it the most.”

– Paige Reese, FlyteVu

Auburn University Dance Marathon.

“Auburn University Dance Marathon has been a huge part of my life over the past 7 years and I am so thankful for FlyteVu’s continued support of AUDM’s mission. This year’s donation through the FlyteVu Fund will serve as a matching donation during Main Event on February 13, 2021 to incentivize fundraising for The Children’s Hospital at Piedmont Columbus Regional in Columbus, GA.”

– Tiffany Thompson, FlyteVu

Front Porch Ministries.

“Front Porch Ministries is an incredible local ministry serving the inner-city community of Nashville. The founders Thom and Michele have hearts of gold and it is an honor to contribute to their larger mission. When I’m asked about my favorite memories of working at FlyteVu, one of the first things that comes to mind is our giving culture and team volunteer days! It is incredible to see the faith and love this organization continues to provide for our community.”

– Laura Fuller, FlyteVu

Alzheimer's Association.

“The Alzheimer’s Association is an organization near and dear to my heart after seeing my grandmother live with the disease for over 40 years. Over the last year I’ve joined the young professionals board here in Nashville and enjoy giving back and raising awareness for not only those with the disease but the many caregivers who take care of them on a daily basis. I’m grateful for FlyteVu’s continued support for this organization, among so many others.”

– Laura Fuller, FlyteVu

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