“Drink to This” presented by Macklemore

CLEAN Cause announces partnership and new Creative Director Macklemore with celebratory “Drink to This” video showcasing ‘toastimonials’ from members of the recovery community.

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The Challenge

FlyteVu was tasked to build increased brand awareness and reach new audiences by bringing CLEAN Cause into the entertainment space through strategic talent partnerships.

What We Did

Through cause alignment and the FlyteVu network, we identified and secured GRAMMY-winning artist Macklemore to join CLEAN Cause as investor and the new Creative Director. The initial partnership kicked off with content launching the brand’s new tagline “Drink to This,” engaging members of the recovery community to share their recovery journey, a.k.a. their ‘toastimonial’ in a celebratory launch video. The heartfelt video with a voice-over by Macklemore was co-produced by FlyteVu and the brand to highlight both the cause and product garnering over 35k views across social media. To announce the partnership launch and corresponding video, FlyteVu secured interviews and press with Macklemore, spotlighting his new title as CLEAN Cause’s Creative Director, earning over 2.5 Billion Earned Media Impressions.

The Results

2.5+ Billion Unique Monthly Visitors

Highest Performing Video in Brand History

35k+ Total Video Views

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