Amazon Prime Video Series

Partnering with leading influencers to support the launch of new Amazon Prime series.

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The Challenge

Amazon Prime Video was seeking support to spread awareness of the franchise’s  array of unscripted shows and encourage tune-in across the following shows and series: 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards, Kanye Drake Live, The One Who Got Away, Cosmic Love, and Forever Summer: Hamptons.

What We Did

FlyteVu contracted 65 influencers across the 5 programs and built a custom content  strategy around each show. The influencer programs ranged from Live Twitter conversations to Viral TikTok Content. The personalized vetting approach and process to secure influencers for each show and topic, led to engaging content and conversions to tune-in.

The Results

#KanyeDrakeLive became Top trending topic  on Twitter

Over 22 Million Total impressions

Over 20,000 Total Link Clicks

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