Under Armour’s First-Annual Hype Headquarters

Under Armour tackles the barriers young female athletes face in their sports journey with the inaugural Hype Headquarters event.

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The Challenge

Elite sports-performance brand, Under Armour, noticed that young female athletes are faced with different barriers that may prevent them from continuing their sports journey. Self-consciousness around body image, low self-esteem, appearance and discomfort from breast development, lack of confidence, and role models are some of the reasons that 8 to 12- year-old girls decide to “stay on the bench.” 

Under Armour engaged FlyteVu to address the decline in girls’ participation through an event activation.

What We Did

FlyteVu built the strategy and executed “Hype Headquarters”, an immersive experience with six distinct spaces to help those young female athletes break down those barriers and find the confidence to stay in the game. 

FlyteVu created a marketing strategy in Philadelphia focusing on local influencers, including Heather Mitts, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, and member of the U.S. women’s national team, and community groups to promote and attend the event. Over 400 participants, inclusive of 8 to 12-year-old girls, their parents, coaches and siblings, experienced Hype Headquarters throughout the weekend. 

Upon entrance to Hype Headquarters, each girl wrote words of affirmation on a glow-in-the-dark wall to hype up the next young athlete, found their game-day hairstyle and the perfect sports bra fit, got hyped with their new “walkout song” and played with elite Under Armour athletes, Rachel Garcia and Ariel Belgrave. 

Hype Headquarters boosted young girls’ self-esteem and provided the tools, equipment, and resources to play sports, giving them the motivation they need to stay in the game!

The Results

Hype Headquarters invited over 400 attendees through the doors, with over 17 local community groups, organizations, and teams from Philadelphia. A post-event survey indicated that over 57% of girls left the event feeling more confident and with new female role models to look up to.

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