Simple Times Machine with Kacey Musgraves

With the help of Spotify, Kacey Musgraves takes fans back to a simpler time in preview of her new star-crossed album and film.

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The Challenge

Create and install a covid-safe, unique and interactive one-day event to celebrate Kacey Musgraves star crossed album release.

What We Did

Drawing inspiration from Musgrave’s new single “Simple Times,’” FlyteVu created a four-room fully immersive 90’s era experience, with the tune and other new songs playing throughout. Guests began their journey in an exact replica of Kacey’s childhood bedroom which featured throwbacks like Kaboodles and mood rings, and made their way through a Blockbuster-style video store, participated in a 90’s mall photo shoot and made a final pitstop in the Simple Times convenience store where they received merch and Simple Times slushies. The overall experience featured exclusive never-before-seen video footage from the artist, displays of outfits worn in her latest music video and takeaways like photos, 90’s candy and Kacey Musgraves official merchandise.

The Results

Attracted 189 attendees
13,005,159+ unique monthly visitors

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