R Labs Drops Genesis NFT Collection “R Planet”

Web3 company R Labs, on a mission to combine purpose and profit, mints out their genesis project R Planet in just over one hour from launch.

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The Challenge

Support the team’s efforts to launch their Genesis PFP project R Planet with strategic Talent partnerships and insights to inform the go-to-market plan, as well as press outreach to garner earned impressions with relevant audiences. Build awareness and excitement with Web3-savvy consumers to allow for a successful mint in a highly competitive space during a bear market.

What We Did

FlyteVu negotiated and facilitated partnerships with well-known and respected Talent in the Web3/NFT space, including Shira Lazar and Bored Room Ventures, including the five individuals Laura Rod, Kristina Flynn, Josh Ong, Baron, and VonDoom. As part of their partnership deliverables, each Partner participated in Twitter Spaces to help elevate the visibility for R Planet and the founding team, and reach and engage the Web3 community with the brand’s mission and purpose. FlyteVu also facilitated outreach to Web3 and NFT drop calendars to secure placements to maximize project visibility during the critical launch window, including founder press on prominent Twitter spaces, podcasts, and national media.

The Results

As a result of the collective efforts between the project team, FlyteVu, and the Talent partners, R Planet’s mint was hugely successful.

Sold Out Mint in Just Over One Hour

Project Earned the #1 Spot on OpenSea’s Trending Projects on Mint and Art Reveal Day

Secured Earned Placements in Top Web3 Media and NFT Drop Calendars

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