Jack Daniel’s – Saweetie x Fast Motion

Jack Daniel’s x Saweetie “Fast Motion”...

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The Challenge

Establish and continue a partnership between Saweetie and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey to create an authentic and genuine relationship to the product, as well as engage her audience and demographic through her social presence and music.

What We Did

FlyteVu secured Saweetie and facilitated a music video integration into the artist’s new single, “Fast Motion.” Along with the video that amassed 30 million views, Saweetie delivered two original pieces of social content featuring JD Honey, which caught the attention and support of Paris Hilton and Gwen Stefani. The continuation of this partnership allowed for four organic posts from Saweetie with JD Honey included to equate as added value for the brand and campaign overall. In addition to the services from the rapper, FlyteVu secured nine influencers to create and share original Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey content to their social channels.

The Results

30MM+ Music Video views

63,739,530 Campaign Impressions

$4.54 CPM

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